Sid Deutsch

has written science essays for the intelligent layperson and has published
a book entitled
Einstein’s Greatest Mistake: Abandonment of the Aether.

In Memorium: Sid Deutsch died January 8, 2011.

1: Let’s Search for the Missing Links
2: Entangled Physicists 
3: Of Big Bangs and Small Fizzes
4:  Mars Explorers Abandoned to a Certain Death
5:  Unidentified Flying Interstellar Nonsense
6:  Shut Off That Heater (or Air Conditioning) Unit!
7:  EMF Cancer Scares: Epidemiology Versus Body Power
8:  The Ether IS the Universe
9:  How to Acquire a Magnetic Personality
10: The Case for Large-Size Mutations 
11: That Nefarious Word, “Somehow”
12: Black Holes May Rejuvenate the Universe
13: Times have Changed, and With Them the Speed of Light
14: Are You Conscious, and Can You Prove It?
15:  Astray Amongst Multiple Universes
16:  The Fantastic Pacemaker System 
17:   What Makes Suicide Bombers Tick?
18: Suicide Bombers and Their Deity
19: Of Dark Matter, Quintessence, Aether, and Ether
20: Of Deities and Rubbish
21: Response to Essay #18

22. Don’t Stretch That Pacemaker Arm!
23. Aether Theory
24. Stellar Aberration Versus the Aether
25. Einstein's Greatest Mistake
26. How the Aether Was Repeatedly Abandoned
27.  On Why Einstein Rejected the Aether
28.  Fermat’s Enigma Resolved: An Algebraic Proof of His Last Theorem
29. Nonsense from the Physics Department
On Evolution and Consciousness
31. A Physicist Embraces the Aether
A New Cosmology
33. Science Fiction: The Case for Negative Time
34.Review of “Cosmic Jackpot: Why Our Universe Is Just Right for Life,”
by Paul Davies, Houghton Mifflin, New York, 2007, 315 pp.

35. Review of "The Jinn from Hyperspace, and Other Scribblings-- Both Serious and Whimsical,"
by Martin Gardner, Prometheus, 2008, 307 pp.

36. About Your Consciousness Platform
Review of “The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces,”
by Frank Wilczek, Basic Books, New York, 2008, 270 pp.
38. The Greatest Evil: The Population Explosion
39. The Renewable Energy Future Has Been Solved
40. Binocular Rivalry
41. How Life Originated

His Background

Sid Deutsch writes:I have a B.E.E. degree from Cooper Union (New York), 1941, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute (Brooklyn, New York), 1955. I was associated with four schools (Polytechnic Institute, Rutgers University, Tel-Aviv University, and the University of South Florida at Tampa). Along the way, I wrote or co-authored eight science books, the latest of which is Einstein's Greatest Mistake: Abandonment of the Aether, iUniverse, 2006. Before that was Are You Conscious, and Can You Prove It?, iUniverse, 2003 The books before that were Return of the EtherSciTech Publishing, 1999 and Understanding the Nervous System with co-author Alice Deutsch, IEEE Press, 1993. 


All of us, in the world of Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics, occasionally have ideas that we think should be published. But a report in a recognized journal can entail, at the very least, many months or even years between submission and publication. I was an Associate Editor for an IEEE publication for six years, and tried to speed up my end of the review procedure, but the overall effect was minuscule. Occasionally, an author would die while his/her paper was being processed.

So now a relatively new technology, a website, enables me to “publish” Science Essays that have escaped, for the most part, peer review. Nevertheless, I trust that the reader will resonate, here and there, with one or more of the ideas expressed on this website. 

Latest Book

Einstein’s Greatest Mistake: Abandonment of the Aether
by Sid Deutsch
Proof positive that there is an aether comes from Albert Einstein’s special relativity. Imagine a planet (THEM) that is receding from earth (US) at a speed of 100 million m/s. According to special relativity, light waves on US and THEM have a speed of 300 million m/s relative to each planet. If an imaginary beam of light, directed to THEM, leaves US at a velocity of 300 million m/s, it has to gradually speed up to 400 million m/s relative to US in order to land on THEM at a speed of 300 million m/s relative to THEM. Only an aether carrier can increase the velocity of light in this manner. The inhabitants of THEM receive the beam with its frequency shifted down by a factor of ¾--  the well-known “red shift.”
iUniverse  $15.95, $25.95

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